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Chess Jakobs Culture Design

Others refer to it as Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, but I call it Culture Design. Our history, the way we understand it; ourselves, the way we understand each other; our communities, and the way we understand them all inform the culture we exist in.

Culture Design, Strategy, and History


Areas of Impact

DEI, Belonging, and Anti-Racism Consulting

From assessing the experience of underrepresented groups and building community networks to analyzing policy and measuring the impact of DEIB Initiatives, embedding equitable competency into the fabric of your professional and personal pursuits will always do more good than harm.

Organizational Culture and Effectiveness

You can maintain a pulse on culture when you're a team of two or three, but when you're growing and building like every thriving organization is, it can be challenging to ensure that the culture you have today is like the one you imagined when you first started.

Cultural Competency and Communications

We all have the ability to foster inclusive and culturally competent environments, but if we are unable to translate our thoughts and feelings into words that land effectively, we will continue to miss the mark. Let's grow, learn, and cultivate together.

Trusted across industries, countries, and levels.

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Chess Jakobs Culture Design
Chess Jakobs Culture Design
Chess Jakobs Culture Design
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Chess Jakobs Culture Design

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Based in North America. Will travel.

  • Public Speaking

  • ERG Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • Operations Strategy

  • Dialogue and Facilitation

  • Corporate Communications

  • Culture Analysis and Reporting

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2022 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Walk The Walk Award Winner in Silicon Valley

Chess Jakobs Culture Design

"Watching this Black, Queer, Jewish leader deliver programming and foster belonging and inclusion every day inspires so many LiveRamp employees to commit themselves to diversity and inclusion. Chess has gone from Global DIB Program Manager to Social Impact Lead, to Head of Global Responsibility. Currently, Chess is building out, the company's "data for good" initiative that leverages data that would typically be used for corporations to connect with customers to help nonprofits and minority-owned businesses advance their social missions. A rising star, Chess doubled company philanthropic contributions in one calendar year. Chess has also worked internally to ensure that women and underrepresented minorities have pay equity, removing bias from the company's promotion and bonus lifecycle and establishing the organization's first commitments."

~ Sara Martinez, Untapped

Katrina Fasulo

Director of Development

Opera Saratoga Springs

"Chess is a person who gives heart to all they do, works hard, is highly motivated, and cares for their community and vision, all while holding space for those around them. Through our time shared at Michigan, I witnessed Chess as a talented performer, leader/liaison, and peer, who has always sought to make an impact and continue to learn and grow throughout the process."

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